Helping San Diego's unsheltered neighbors reconnect with hope and possibility through the healing power of music

Voices of Our City Choir changes the experience and perception of homelessness, helping San Diego's unsheltered neighbors reconnect with hope and housing through the healing power of music, individualized care, and advocacy.

This is how WE use music to change lives




We offer a weekly public choir practice every Monday to those experiencing homelessness.


It's an invitation to come in, sing, dance and have lunch.




It's been proven that how you move your body and the words that come out of your mouth can shift your state of mind. 


Our choir practice is an invitation to feel human connection and love through the healing power of music.




We invite those who sing with us to become official members and Choir members are given opportunities to sing and perform at professional events all over Southern California.

The sense of purpose and joy that music and connection brings to our choir members helps them to make changes in their lives that they themselves didn't feel possible on their own.




We offer our choir members the option to work with our case managers and peer advocates (people with lived experience) to help them connect with the resources they need.


To date we have helped over 86 people move off the streets and into housing and safe shelter!

What people are saying about the choir: 

Marilyn, Choir Member

I am loved and respected as a creative individual while being a part of a Choir that is making a difference in our community!

Mark, Choir Member

I have been involved from the beginning and it has been a wonderful experience that I enjoy whenever we get together...

Paul Viani 

Wonderful community project and such a great way to bring all levels of economic classes together during entertainment to set aside differences and realize how important it is to promote peace, love, and harmony in our society.

Our Programs

Our programs are designed to offer choir members the hope, dignity and drive to begin again. Choir members are given the space and opportunity to connect with themselves again and from there we begin to connect them with the local resources necessary to help them get into shelter and employment.

Our Music and Performances

The choir members are invited to perform at professional performances each month. This offers our community an opportunity to remember that those experiencing homelessness are human beings with hopes and dreams for better just like anyone else. You can book the choir for your special event or attend one of our public performances.

Our Partners and Sponsors

To say we are blessed with the most spectacular partnerships would be the greatest understatement. With our incredible donors, foundations, local organizations and city,

we truly have some of the best support you could ask for.

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