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naylenie castillo

Member Services Specialist

our team


Naylenie has been an integral part of Voices since 2022, demonstrating her unwavering commitment to our mission. Before joining our team, she dedicated her time actively connecting our unsheltered neighbors to essential services and assisting incarcerated individuals in preparing for their reintegration into society.

Naylenie holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice from San Diego State University. She has actively contributed to Fraternidad Sinaloense CA, playing a pivotal role in reuniting families separated for over two decades. Her outstanding community outreach work with the Homeless Outreach Network (HON) has garnered recognition.

What truly invigorates Naylenie about Voices of Our City is our unwavering commitment to leveraging the transformative power of music. She firmly believes that music possesses the unique ability to bridge gaps and heal wounds. Being part of an organization that utilizes this power to bring hope and joy to homeless and marginalized individuals resonates deeply with her.

Naylenie believes everyone deserves to be heard and valued. Her role within the organization is dedicated to offering unwavering support, empowering members to achieve their goals, and facilitating positive change. Whether it's aiding in finding housing, providing dignified shower services, or advocating for members' needs, Naylenie fosters an environment where creativity thrives, and voices are uplifted.

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