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enrique rivera

Member Services Specialist

our team


Enrique has been with Voices Of Our City Choir since June, 2021. Before landing at Voices, Enrique lived in Los Angeles and worked at Homeboy Industries, Project 180, and First To Serve. 

Enrique is a Graduate Of Theology and has certificates in Business and Business Office Administration. 

“I have been through so much in life and to help and be of service to others with similar or even greater struggles is an honor. I love seeing others rise above trials and hardships. Freedom motivates me! A chance to start over with new beginnings and live life right is a blessing.” 

“Creativity is a huge part of who I am. Voices Of Our City Choir allows me to learn, grow, teach, and express art in a way that positively impacts choir members. I love to be part of a team that brings awesome change in individuals through the power of creativity.”

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