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steph johnson

CEO & Creative Director

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Steph Johnson is an award-winning, multi-dimensional recording artist and activist whose music deftly blends jazz, soul, funk and blues. Through her 20-year music career, Steph has recorded five studio albums.

When she’s not working on music, Steph directs her creative energy towards social activism. In 2016 she co-founded Voices of Our City Choir, with fellow musician Nina Deering. What began as an organic collaboration between local musicians and people experiencing homelessness has grown into an internationally recognized performance ensemble and innovative nonprofit that uses music and arts to amplify the voices of people impacted by homelessness. Steph now serves as Voices’ Chief Executive Officer and Creative Director. Read more about Voices of Our City Here.


Steph Johnson’s work and the formation of the Choir, was featured in the 2018 award-winning documentary “TheHomeless Chorus Speaks”, which aired on PBS.

Her tireless dedication to her craft and the unsheltered community has earned her well- deserved recognitions, including 2020 “Woman of the Year”, a finalist for San Diego Magazine’s 2022 Activist of the Year, as well as “California Arts Champion” by Californians for the Arts, exemplifying Steph’s profound impact on the arts and society at large.

Click here to hear her original music and learn more about her life, or visit

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