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Voices of Our City Choir gets special mention in The New York Times

(photo by Abdul Kircher for The New York Times)

Voices of Our City Choir has a special mention in The New York Times' series, Headway, which explores the world's challenges, seeking promising solutions and progress. Last month, photographer Adbul Kircher attended Voices’ rehearsal with his camera in tow, to capture that “something essential” held between us all, no matter our backstories.

Voices’ Choir Member, Matt K, shares his experience with homelessness and with Voices’ Choir in the New York Times’ article “What Don’t You Know About Homelessness?”.

“The best way I can describe [Voices of Our City Choir] is it’s like an instant family,” says Choir Member Matt K in his New York Times interview. He first heard the Choir perform at a local library.

When Matt attended Choir, he encountered what “was probably as important as getting food: just human contact.” 17 years ago, Matt lost his job and began living in his van. Matt says, “When you know there’s kindness in the world, it helps.” We are honored The New York Times mentions Voices of Our City Choir among progressive, promising communities for the global challenge of homelessness.

Stories like this remind us that your support allows us to offer essentials—showers, clean socks, community meals—yet it is the full experience within this welcoming space that draws in new faces, new voices, every week. Donations to Voices of Our City Choir support a space for our unsheltered neighbors to encounter kindness, friendship, and nourishment beyond the body — a place “invisible” people are welcomed by name. Your kindness and generosity move an unsheltered neighbor off the streets and into community

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